Louisiana White Pages, United States

Louisiana is a deep south state known for its multicultural heritage, especially its unique Creole culture, jazz, and Mardi Gras. The state’s economy is based on agriculture, oil, natural gas, medicine, and technology. In all these, Louisiana has been home to thousands of small businesses and more than 4.6 million people. You can find information registered to a person that has a Louisiana phone number on the Louisiana white pages. The phonebook contains names, addresses, and other relevant details associated with the telecommunication services. In addition, you can also go further to find publicly available information on the phone number owner, including arrest, criminal, court, and property records. 

Louisiana At A Glance 

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  • Admitted into the Union — April 30, 1812 (18th state) 
  • Capital: Baton Rouge
  • Population: 4.6 million (2021)
  • Size: 51,988 square miles (19th smallest) 
  • Nicknames: The Pelican State, Sportsman’s Paradise
  • Motto: Union, Justice, Confidence
  • State Tree: Bald Cypress
  • State Flower: Magnolia
  • State Bird: Eastern Brown Pelican
  • State Mammal: The Louisiana Black Bear

10 Quick Facts About Louisiana

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  • The tallest capitol building in America is the Lousiana State Capitol Buiding — measuring 450 feet tall and standing at 34 stories. 
  • Louisiana has a vast population of pelicans that live on the Louisiana gulf coast. The bird is also featured on the state’s flag and seal. 
  • The first natural gas field in the US was discovered in Louisiana in 1823.
  • Thomas Jefferson bought the Louisiana territory from Napoleon for $15 million in 1803.  The purchase is north of $340 million in 2020 dollars. 
  • The Pelican State is the cradle of Jazz music in the United States.  
  • Louisiana does not have an official language. Residents speak any combination of at least four languages, including English, French, Spanish, and Vietnamese. 
  • Louisiana is the shrimp and crayfish capital of the United States. 
  • The state divides local government units into parishes instead of the conventional county system operated by other states. Still, parishes are equivalent to counties in government roles and political power.
  • The shape of the state resembles an “L” or a boot.
  • The official state drink is Milk.

Largest cities or towns in Louisiana

New OrleansPrairievilleRuston
Baton RougeHoumaHarvey
MetairieCentralBayou Cane
Lake CharlesSlidellZachary
Bossier CityNew IberiaEstelle